Pinned Stiddari and Universe4k Suggestions

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    • vielleicht kann es einer in englisch übersetzen ;)

      die attentäter werden nicht benutz um kleine down zu halten, sondern um kopfgeld zu sammeln für sich selber.
      eigentlich liegt es fast nur daran das die kleinen immer wieder gejagt werden von attentäter.

      attentäter sind sehr gute einheiten um zu spionieren ect.

      darum sollte man nicht die attentäter abschaffen sondern ehr das kopfgeld verändern.
      wenn man kopfgeld vergibt soll es auch demjenigen gehören der dem kampf macht. aber man darf nicht selber das kopfgeld draufsetzen dürfen und dann einen kleinen spieler down hauen um kopfgelder in der bank zu haben.

      kopfgeld abschaffen NEIN
      Eigen gesetztes Kopfgeld selbst erfarmen das müsste abgeschafft werden
      S2 Der Bünder Mitglied der Allianz 300
      S7 Bulldog Bünde Capo der Allianz Wir kriegen euch ALLE
    • Hello,

      As a (ex)player u4k I would like to notice that...:
      - New combat system: darwins are too strong and combat probes (I hate it) should be weaker or removed;
      - Modifiers r good, but units should be balanced- again;
      - On chat only english language should be allowed (greetings for guys from DE);
      - Higher punishments for cheating (multi, bot, push, etc.);
      - Before the start... Advertisements of the game- players can help, cant they?;
      - Information about inactivity could be removed (especially for me);

      Its my opinion and U dont have to agree.

      Misaki Taro
      Eloi, Eloi lama sabachthani?

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    • Just to add an other idea for feature tweaks.

      The current bounty system is abused too much for passive pushing I would change how it works.

      Devide into 3 Menus;

      - Bounty (Just to Spy/Scout player)
      This would be used mainly so that other players would find the target players troops, or could even be used to spam attack the target player.
      Times to be repeated and bonus for finding troops.

      - Hits (Attack player)
      It's simple, pay for someone to destroy a player. Amount rewarded and time to do the hit, if not achieved hitman will be fined if achieved before end time bonus will be given.

      - Hitman (Players available for Hits)
      Players available for Hits and there min fee.

      The idea behind this, is to actually give the current bounty system a usability and more uses, with this new system it could be used as a strategy or as help in a war.
      Skype: Stv228

      Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
      "Give your hand and they will take your arm."