Pinned Stiddari and Universe4k Suggestions

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    • Stiddari and Universe4k Suggestions

      Alright so this thread here will be for suggestions, ideas & improvements ONLY. I will be personally monitoring this thread and anything off topic of directed towards another player or group will have their post removed. Again, this thread is ONLY for suggestions, ideas and improvements.

      With the creation of this thread I want all of these topics posted exclusively in this post so we can reduce these types of posts in threads that aren't relevant.
    • My personal opinion:

      - Announce officially that Stiddari, Universe4k and Dunewar will not be updated.

      - Start new version; with a total rework of the game (Stiddari) and only dedicate efforts on that game.

      - Only launch once the new version is 80% completed.
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      Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
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    • mein Vorschlag waere

      feste Handelskurse die waeren
      1 Dollar = 4 Waffen= 6 Munition
      1 Waffe =1.5 Munition

      Handelsbeschraenkung auf 30 Prozent der Eigenproduktion, jede 24 stunden neuberechnung, heisst man kann nicht ansammeln, also man kann alle
      24 stunden nur einmal 30 prozent der eigenproduktion handeln, hat man das nicht getan ist die erlaubnis verwirkt, wahrscheinlich kann man das
      sogar programmieren

      Haertere Strafen für Handel mit gleicher ip 1x 2 Wochen, 2x 1 Monat, 3x 1 Jahr, immer ohne Umod
      das gleiche für pushing, Bashingregel sollte bei aktiven Leuten beibehalten werden, wenn spieler einen oder 2 striche wegen inaktivitaet
      haben sollte die bashingregel aufgehoben werden, noobschutz von 10 prozent sollte bleiben, aber kein bezug auf den ersten platz
      die anderen regeln sollten beibehalten werden, waere wirklich schade um das spiel das ich schon seit 2005 spiele

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    • a GO can not play .. can play a forum moderator but not a GO ...
      my suggestion is to have 2 GO in the game and a referent for each nationality who every week or every 2 weeks must have contact with the GO. In this way the work of the GO is halved and can devote himself to improving the game.
      In case of ban the GO must give concrete evidence of the crime to the referent (eg Screen), which will notify the banned player.
    • Unfortunately 90% GOs on other games play that game, just that you never find out who they are... Normally it's totally prohibited to inform who you are.

      Currently GOs have contact every day with there superior GO mostly getting info on small details or help for specific cases.

      Before any GO (Even Project Manager & Community Manager) a thread must be posted with proof of ban, lower ranked GOs must have approval before banning.

      In the case of Banned players, in most cases a detailed reason for there ban is giving, in some situations even a screenshot, but this does not depend if a player requests it, only if it's decided it's suitable to share, Bots, script, etc no details are shared since we are not interested in players knowning how they have been caught.

      Bans are never given out just because the team "thinks", "suspects", etc.. proof allways must be given, and in complicated cases it is explained and discussed.
      This is the main reason why Multi IP is only banned if there are attacks or transports, since it's not hard to play with your IP and cookies can be unstable... There has been cases of shared IP with players being from different countries, this is due to mobile networks.

      Edit: Going back to the actual TGO, this staff member can not see login times, only troop movements with a 3 day delay.
      Clearly there advantage they could gain would mean alot of information recollection for a small advantage and just in case there are logs for staff members.
      Skype: Stv228

      Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
      "Give your hand and they will take your arm."
    • Make new hiearchy with all current staff, even add some new postions... add Marketing and PR sector with goal to introduce the game to new players and some old players who des not know vendetta still exist. Then, promote to social media, games blog, use the curent players to call other players. Cant be so bad idea, since we are playing there are many others who would paly it as well. At the end, tey to program some procceses so that they authomaticly find cheaters and punish them hard, real hard. Rotti’s ideas were good too.
    • - Better protection for begginers (right now in stiddari s2 I can destroy
      192 prodorzi [W.S] pl 3.202 11.308 81 14.592 9
      sending 1 scout).

      - Remove scouts.

      - Bigger punishment time in general (or a better accumulator as @Nicky suggest).

      - If some player pushing, adding the ban he should lose this resources.

      - Limit to ip-shared accounts.

      - And this is more personally because I like too much, modifiers combat system as vendetta's server 12.
      Borja Work

    • Stv3N wrote:

      Unfortunately 90% GOs on other games play that game, just that you never find out who they are... Normally it's totally prohibited to inform who you are.
      Yeah, really they play but you forget they don't play on the server they are Go's, that not possible on another games there I know. You play or you are a GO, be the 2 on same server is not possible. Ravenc like I told you, you can not be so permissive about the Cheaters, Pushings and Bashings because you go spend more and more and more Time tryin to find they, because they know the ban's there are a complet joke and fast they go play again and do the same again !!! You need to put better Menbers on your Team too, not like a GO just go check accounts when He was attacked or then they Aliance are attacked, that was nothing. Ravenc you need to change your mentality too, all we had a real life not just you. All go wrong in you Game, start for you and finish in your Team and your Rules !!!
    • In old vendetta you could not be the go of your server, but you could play on the other servers and i have said this the first day i came to the game.. I have to agree with other people stating that a Go must not play on his server.. there should not be a discussion to that.

      Furthermore with the IP, my phones can have the same card and still different IP, but also the same IP.. but they will not have the same information and you can not only see the IP but you can get a lot of other infos. Based on that you know if someone is a multi or not..
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    • In other games the GO's don't have any restrictions in what they can see.
      Here I've implemented some restrictions, so GO's who are playing are limited in what they can see and when they can see it.

      There's a delay in the logs of two days and stuff like online times aren't shown.
      Because of this, when someone complains: "I was bashed today by XY", the GO can handle this 2 days later or a Game Administrator or above have to check it (when it needs to be handled quickly).