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    • I found this stupid and panic made descision. Actually what we need is to promote this game, social media and many more, 4000-5000 players at least. Then, big panishment for multis and pushing, not just 3 days. And then, you play the game w/o giving a shit about cheaters and quiters. Like this, with new rules, you are rewarding cheaters and loosing decent players
    • you cannot promote a game that is not easy to "understand" has no interface and dates back from 2002 (because it is a rip of games that were even before ogame)... give me 1 reason why i should play this game if i didn't know it?
      The fact that i am playing is just because of pure nostalgia.
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    • No one cares about the Community... They do what ever they want and don't try to make this Game better... If you own such a Game its your Task to keep it alive. But If you dont have the time for this, Close this Game or give it to someone who has time and who understand to handle this. I Bet If i have the Chance to creat auch a Game everyone would see wich potencial this Game have...
    • Kod_NY wrote:

      Ravenc you need a redesign to the game and you can not be so permissive about the rules !!!
      That is planned for the future, but since when can not make promises (Since we never have, only given our best efforts)

      The present is dark and black, but after every storm the rainbow guides us towards the road full light.
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      Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
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    • I'm an oldschool player (since 2005) and ever since Vendetta back then introduced the Scouts I very much disliked them. They're too fast and cost little to none to send out on a rampage. Small players constantly get their units killed by players with scouts and those players kill 'just for the fun of it'. Most of the time you (as a small player) are no threat to them at all and since a scout can't carry much they also don't do it for the resources. Often you have just built new movers and Bamm! they're killed again. This only has to happen 2 or 3 times and people give up playing already, for there's no chance whatsoever you will ever grow bigger. Take the scouts out of the game and therewith make it more attractive again!
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    • Raven is very busy, if you post constructive feedback I bet he will get around to reading it. However when he visits this boards all he sees a ton of people just insulting him and his staff it probably doesn't encourage him to work on the game and I don't blame him one bit.

      This community is becoming toxic and it's putting a strain on our small staff, I can't stress enough that each of us have a real life to attend to as well and all this extra work is distracting us from discussing improvements to the game because we constantly discussing punishments and rule changes we have to make.

      I'm going to make a suggestions thread for people to post their ideas, I will be heavily moderating that thread and hopefully we can get all of our ideas together in one place to improve this game (both stiddari and u4k) in a positive way.
    • This community has become toxic for the simple reason because people were banned 3 days for "cheating" (aka pushing, multi). Furthermore, after recieving several bans they still got banned for like 2-3 days.. You just need to see the pollory of Stiddari S2, it is a complete joke.

      You tell it to the coma, what do you get as a reply ? I have no time, i am not paid bla bla bla... So people asked him to step down because of poor management.. What do you get ? "you will not get rid of me so easy"

      The whole thing here is a farce and has always been.. but some in the "team" don't want to accept this. This could have been prevented months ago.. make clear rules and ban with consequences. The only one that should be blamed imho is the staff and i have raised my voice in other threads.. But some here have too much ego.
      boom boom boom i like it in my room :P
    • Well I see your concern through your insults but I haven't once said I didn't have time and I'm here to help you now. So I'm sorry for the interactions you've had with the staff previously and I'm doing everything I can to understand your complaints and forward them to RaVenC so that we can have a meaningful discussion.

      However I agree that bans for cheating should be severe. I personally believe that scripts etc use should be an automatic 1 month ip ban and account completely reset. It's clear you know you're cheating if you use these programs and I don't want those people to get an unfair advantage.

      All I'm asking for is a fair chance to address your concerns. As I've stated previously I am the sgo for u4k however with Steven stepping down I am filling his role as best as I can to make sure that your voices are heard. I get that the new rules aren't very popular and for good reasons so I've been actively speaking with RaVenC about the situation and I'm hoping we have a solution for you guys soon.
    • BulldogBuende wrote:

      it stays 100% without discussing?
      RaVeNC is notified about the current situation in Stiddari with the rule change.

      If any decision is to be taken he will do it personally.
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      Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
      "Give your hand and they will take your arm."
    • it does not make much sense. until raven reports 5 - 10 accounts pushed. sorry but that's useless. and there will be much dispute about it. much success

      they could write the new rule too.
      but now raven has to get in touch?

      It is sad that the last players are excluded :(
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    • Its a mix of things, that have lead to this situation.

      The GO tool needs improvements and so do the rules, only updating one does not solve the problem, both have to come together.

      I understand the community and Ravenc, but both have to do a change;

      The community needs to understand that alot would have to change to get the attention of other games, even if it's underdeveloped it's good to have this game back and just for that although I stopped playing a couple of years back, I'm grateful.

      RaVeNC needs to compromise abit; He has done alot of work with the game, but unfortunately he does not allways share this information, Iv allways tried to keep updated and let the community know, "this week he finnished X".
      At this stage of his life I understand he may not solve game related subjects, but once this period has passed he needs work at least every 15 days on the game.

      Iv allways said it, my job has been to solve all in-game and community related subjects so that RaVeNC has less work load, but even having me in a position that I can take decisions freely most of the community still needs Ravenc to reply, this does not help.

      With the small community we have, I still think these things must be understood, since the team and gameis falling apart and this is not just because of internal problems but also that there is no pleasure in working towards a community that isn't grateful.

      I'm more sad than angry, but I truly believe that with abit of work this community can grow, but currently there is no point in making it grow.
      After all my dedication I won't simple abandon this place, but maybe in 3-6-12 months I may, as RaVeNC says to me "No need to lose your nerves over a game" and latly it's been like that.
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      Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
      "Give your hand and they will take your arm."