Game Bans

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    • Dear Community,

      This situation is starting to be annoying.
      There is not one ban, that the player doesn't PM me saying he didn't know and if he can be unbanned.

      The Rules are there to be followed, just because you do not read them after I've told the community to do it multiple times, this does not excuse anyone from following them. In the case of Stiddari, the games are in all the languages of the Game, so there is NO excuse.

      Bans will NOT be removed just because you want a second chance. Follow the rules and you will not be banned.

      Use this opportunity to read the Game Rules.

      Best Regards
      Skype: Stv228

      Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
      "Give your hand and they will take your arm."