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    §1 War Declaration

    War Declarations are valid if the follow requirments are fullfilled:

    - They are directed from an Alliance to an other Alliance (Wars can not be declared to a single player or from a single player)
    - There must be atleast 2 Members in each Alliance at all times for the War to be valid.
    If at any point there would be less than 2 Members in an Alliance the war would be lost by that alliance.
    - The War was declared ingame (Alliance -> Alliance Diplomacy -> War)
    - The War must be decleared in Politics Section by Capo or SubCapo of the Alliance.
    - There must be a [War Declaration] & [War Battle Reports] thread.
    - The [War Declaration] thread must have the following information: Inicial HighScore, Members.
    Any other information is opcional Ej; Reason of War Declaration.
    This thread can be used for any comments on battles.
    - The [War Battle Reports] will only be used for Battle reports, Spam is not allowed and comments must be in [War Declaration] thread.
    - Those Alliances that want to officialy support an Alliance in War must inform on this in the [War Declaration] adding Highscore & Members.
    The author of [War Declaration] or a Moderator should be contacted to change the title of the thread.
    - If an Alliance wishes to declare the end of the war with a mutual pact or surrender this must be informed by the Capo or SubCapo.

    §2 Bashing & Pushing while in War

    Bashing is allowed 24h after War Declaration, this period will allow both Alliances to be informed about the war and give enough time for both Alliances to organize if needed. During all the War period both Alliances will be excempt of the Bashing Rule.
    Once the War is Officialy Finnished by a Moderator or the Capos of Both Alliances the Bashing rule will inmediatly come into force.

    If an other Alliance officialy supports an Alliance at War after the inicial 24h after the War Declaration, this supporting Alliance wil NOT be excempt of the Bashing Rule.

    Pushing is not allowed within a War and will be applied as normal.
    The situation of a War does NOT create any exception towards the Pushing Rule.

    §4 Entry into Force

    Rules come into force with inmediate effect including Wars currently underway.

    The Administration

    Skype: Stv228

    Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
    "Give your hand and they will take your arm."