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  • Board Rules


    The Administration and Moderation Staff of this board cannot be held responsible for any of its contents. From the moment you register on the forum, you are automatically subject to respect all the existing rules. Therefore, the Board Staff has the right to edit, censor, warn and even delete the content that violate the rules. Hence, the authors that does not respect the rules in force may be punished and even be permanently banned from the Board or, in extreme cases, have the Game account blocked.

    The General Rules apply to the entire Board, regardless of all areas have their specific rules which are, actually, complementary.

    Board General Rules

    1. - This is an international Board where you can speak the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and German. The forum is divided into sections and subsections intended to be used for each of the languages listed above. The proper use of language allowed should be respected in each section and subsection, being prohibited the use of other language (except in places created for this purpose).

    2. - Only one account is allowed per board member, in the case of exceeding this number, the last account to be registered will be banned permanently and in the event of a repeated infringement the user risks having all accounts registered by him/her banned permanently. In the case access the internet in public spaces, where there will be more people accessing under the same IP adress, you must notify a Staff Member or else you will be responsible for the consequences.

    3. - Create an account to circumventing a temporary or permanent ban, can be punished with another ban or a harsher punishment. It is only allowed one Board account per user. Multiple accounts are forbidden. Users Banned repeatedly or in extreme cases, they risk losing their game account. If you ever get to this extreme, the account can not be recovered.
    Likewise, in the game, it is forbidden to use proxies or any other method that has the intention to hide your identity and if there is no other way to access the forum, the user has the obligation to notify a BA or SMOD about this situation, or otherwise, any account that uses any of the methods mentioned above, will be permanently banned.
    In case of using a computer shared among several people, it is better to notify the Administration and avoid confusions in the future.

    4. - It is forbidden to publish: publicity to online games and boards; Commercial Advertising; Political Radicalisms; pornographic links and contents, erotic or which contain full or partial nudity; offensive material and/or contents potentially shocking for sensitive people; piracy / Warez (including cracks, serials, hacks, illegal download pages); Xenophobic/Racist comments; Links-Bait (other than Stiddari) and anything that goes against the law.

    5. - It will not be tolerated SPAM or Offtopic in the sections where it is not allowed according to the rules. It is considered Spam the messages without content that does not bring anything new to the content of the thread. The majority of the messages that only contain smilies or less than 5 words, are typical of spam. The members who make SPAM of any kind, may be warned. The order on the board, the respect for the intention of the authors when they create a thread and for the various sections and subsections is something important for the proper functioning of the board and its flexibility for the users, therefore a negligent attitude regarding these rules may be punished.

    6. - The users must use a legible and correct English, avoiding SMS abbreviations, emotions, misspellings, etc... that make it difficult to read and understand. The overuse of smilies, line breaks, images, colors and text formatting, in order to make the post unreadable, confusing or that promotes it in relation to the others (by using large font sizes, by writing in capital letters, etc.) should be avoided, being susceptible to warnings.
    About the use of colors: The official colors reserved for the Moderation Staff are: red and green. The use of colors in threads will be allowed unless it is considered abusive.

    7. - All the threads/replies should be placed in the appropriate section or subsection according to the subject. If it is verified an intentional mistake the user will be responsible for the consequences.

    8. - The users should never tell the moderators how to do their job. Those who repeatedly act as moderators, telling them what to do, may be punished with a warning. The same applies to the work of any member of the Staff.

    9. - If a user finds something that does not obey the rules, please contact us. To avoid overloading the Moderator, please just report the problems that remain unresolved after 24 hours after occurs.

    10. - The serious provocations and/or insulting other board members are forbidden and may lead to its author be warned.

    11. - The 'impersonation' of Staff Members or any other user can be punished severely. This includes using similiar nicknames, using the same avatar or signature, etc... This intends to avoid possible confusions, and scams/disrespect.

    12. - Discussions about warnings and bans are not allowed, threads with this subjects are immediately closed and the insistence on continuing to open this kind of threads can lead to warnings. Whenever you want to complain about a warning and/or ban received, you must contact the person who applied the punishment (by PM or email).

    13. - Complaints about Staff members of the board, first it should be contacted the member in question and then if you still not satisfied with the answer, you should contact his superior via PM (private message) or email. The section 'Acknowledgements & Criticisms' has its own rules which can be read here in more detail.

    14. - It is not allowed to use inappropriate language forum, this also applies to words that are self-censored as long as it can be realized its meaning, users can be warned.

    15. - It is not allowed to post in your own thread just to climb up the list of threads, the bump (Bring Up My Post), can only be done every 24 hours since the last reply on the thread.

    16. - Before starting a thread the author should use the function 'Search', to make sure that there isn't yet other thread which can clarify its doubts, avoiding overlapping threads with the same question.

    17. - If a user edits a thread in which has received a NOTICE to answer to that same NOTICE made by a MOD,this will be considered SPAM/INSULT TO THE STAFF.

    18. - It is not allowed to make two consecutive posts in the same thread. If the edition of the previous post is not possible (e.g. because he has reached the character limit for a post), you should contact PREVIOUSLY a Moderator or SMod.

    19.- It is not allowed to post on behalf of a board banned user, if this situation happens the member in question will be warned without notice. A banned user should keep that way and can not interact with the community. In case of repeated posts on behalf of a banned user, the account in question will be considered as a multi-account and will lead to a ban.

    20.- It's not allowed to answer to the NOTICES/WARNINGS given by the Moderators, neither in the thread where the member have been noticed, nor any other thread. If the user responds to a NOTICE/WARNING given by the Moderator, this is considered SPAM/INSULT TO THE STAFF, which may result in a warning.

    21.- The threads that were closed by the Moderation Staff, they were closed for a reason, therefore it's not allowed to be reopened (by the user) a thread with the same subject. To reopen a solved matter, or a new thread with the same subject, or reopen the thread that was closed, the only way is to ask permission to the Moderator who closed the thread or one of his hierarchical superiors.

    22. - All members will be punished for the misuse of the button "Report". This button is only and exclusively used to alert possible faults of the Moderation Team. In case of violation of this rule, the Staff will be forced to punish the user to prevent the waste of time (by the Staff members).

    23. - For proper functioning between users and game/board Staff, we strictly advise that any case not solved by the directly responsible, it should be passed to his hierarchical superior.

    24. - It is forbidden to post the coordinates of the buildings of the protagonists involved on the Battles. This rule applies to all the Attacks posted in this Board.

    25. - Accusations or insinuations of any kind pointing another Players or Alliances (examples: Cheating, Pushing, Bashing, Multi-Accounting, IP-Sharing Violation, Bot-Using, Script-Using) are considered misconduct and will lead to a direct WARNING. Any suspicion of the cases presented before should be reported by Private Message (PM) to the Staff Member in charge of these matters (GO, TGO) and if not satisfied with the result of the query than it should be passed to one of theirs hierarchical superiors (GA, SGO).

    26. - Accusations or insinuations of any kind pointing a Staff Member of protection or partiality towards another Players or Board Members or comments to the way that a Staff Member carries out his/her duties, are considered misconduct and will lead to a direct WARNING. The Staff Members have proved themselves capable, responsible and competent and that’s the reason they occupy a position in the Stiddari’s Staff. The work undertaken by the Staff Members is daily evaluated and monitored by their hierarchical superiors.

    Private Messages:

    As the name suggests, "private" means: "personal", "confidential". Thus:

    27. - It's not allowed to open threads (or post) Private Messages (PM's) received from the Staff Members. In case of violation of this rule, the user will be warned directly (without notice), the post edited and the thread closed.

    28.- It's not allowed to open threads (or post) Private Messages (PM's) received from the other users. In case of disrespect of rules, insult, threat, the situation must be reported to the Game Administrator (GA) or to the Board Administrator (BA) to be resolved according to the rules. In case of violation of this rule, the user will be warned directly (without notice), the post edited and the thread closed.

    29.- It's not allowed to open threads (or post) Private Messages (PM's) received ingame. In case of violation of this rule, the user will be warned directly (without notice), the post edited and the thread closed.

    In cases which a notice is given to a user and the same user subsequently returns to be in violation of the same rule in another thread what happens?

    * In cases which the reason of violation is the same, will receive a warning, i.e. if it was noticed because of being teasing and then teases in another thread.

    * In cases which the reason of violation is other, will receive a notice, i.e. if it was noticed because of being teasing and then makes spam in another thread.

    * In cases of personal insult or serious breach of the rules, even if it was given a notice under another type of violation of the rules, will receive a warning.

    - In the case of major insult or adopt a stance of abuse of the system notice-warning, showing a clear "overstep the mark", it will be given a direct warning.

    Avatars & Signatures

    * The signatures cannot exceed 15 lines of text (including line-wrapping) in normal size

    * Image of the signatures with maximum dimensions of 600px x 200px (maximum 1 Mb);

    * Text and Image together providing that in total does not exceed the height of 17 lines of text (including line-wrapping) and 100kb filesize in total of the images (smiles);

    * Allowed all image formats available for visualization;

    * It is allowed the use of animations in signatures and avatars;

    * It's not allowed to use "bait-links" (that are not from Stiddari) in the signature;

    * It will not be allowed signatures or avatars containing protests about bans ingame or complaints about players/alliances. This kind of signatures/avatars can make you loose the right to use signature/avatar;

    * It will not be allowed the use of signatures or avatars that might offend other users. If this happens, it can be lost the right of using images in signatures/avatars, and recieve a warning, according to the gravity;

    * It will not be allowed the use of images in the beginning/end of the posts in order to simulate a signature. This violation is passive of notice/warning;

    Only the members of the Board or Game Staff are allowed to use images that don't accomplish all this rules.

    Note: The accumulation of a specific number of (official) warnings, no matter the section of the Board (or thread), can result in BAN. According to the severity of the case, the BAN may have different periods of time, as well as be (or not) permanent in accordance tot the following: Warnings & Bans Table (link).

    The Administration,