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  • Donnie Brasco -

    can you contact me at [Mail Hidden] ? with my community and older vendetta gamers we would like to restart the game and it would be great if you could help us in some points...
    thank you

    Edit: Stv3N; For your own security iv hidden your email, screenshot of original message has been forwared to RaCenC.

  • Roy28 -

    Hello, I would like to ask why my nickname "Attack me!" in the game has been banned for 13 years. I would like to change it with regards.

  • Recon -

    Hello ravanec can I understand why Stv3N banned me? The contact on the bulletin board but no answer I do not think I was wrong or did something negative .. It does not seem right that without an explanation you ban a pla

  • Deus1973 -

    You must be ashamed

  • Deus1973 -

    banni murubutu for an extinction of firefox and bud let him play. You're ridiculous and absolutely unreliable. little man

  • Deus1973 -

    since the rules were not clear on the use of extensions ... I would like to review your decision regarding the account

  • Deus1973 -

    Can you remove the ban in Murubutu? it would be a good sign that pacifies everyone ... it is an unjust ban and we all know it

  • Deus1973 -

    I request control of my account and wait for an answer

  • Deus1973 -

    please check my account very carefully. I played correctly and I did not use tricks. waiting for your answer

  • 15metal -

    I know this that wrong to say parolaccie also because the so-called escobar is not for less. But if you want you can give an ultimatum to the player Zio_Skip that if he does it again will not play anymore ok. Do you if you do not have to play then you review, if you do play it will certainly no longer send Offensive messages.
    I can not write in the forum because it does not record me ok again thanks and I hope for your good sense.

  • Branka -

    ​Salve, sono Brancalone (in game), Padrino della Famiglia Gambino [GAMBINO]... il giocatore ??????? [?????] ci ha dichiarato guerra, è in famiglia da solo! Ma non lo ha fatto qui... come dovremmo regolarci?


  • furkan123 -

    HEY hab eine frage ich möche mein 2 account löschen damit ich nicht unnötig ein bann bekomme erneut kannst du mir dabei bitte helfen weil benute den nicht mehr

  • luffia5p -

    Hello today i got ban on my account Luffia and my brother Own3d got ban too, could you told me why we got ban? In options I writting that we using one house network so i want got unban :/

  • EraZer -

    Hast du meine Nachricht übersehen? :)

  • CzarnaOwca -

    hey can u register for my acc in stidari ?

  • Gladiator -

    Hey habe probleme mit meinem account

  • tesoro12 -

    Ciao, come si cambia la password dell'account in Stiddari?

  • Soulon -

    hola RavenC quiero hacer un cambio de cuentas

  • TEMPO -

    Ravenc help me with my account?

  • wixi -

    when does banned players get kicked off from umode'?

  • Demo -

    Users Online 15 7 Members (4 invisible) and 8 Guests - Record: 15 Users (Mar 16th 2015) but i have seen 20 users logged online looks like the counters bust

    • RaVenC -

      The counter only count users logged into the board. Guests aren't counted.

    • Demo -

      TY but we get far more at times some arnt spiders but users looking and wondering how active are we

  • killer6679 -

    raven do u miss a shakal flying at u

  • loqui -

    bueno sera asi

  • bergholt -

    got this ingame:

  • Don_Ruan -

    Hey ravenC ich hab ein Problem. würde gern von meinem account die emailadresse ändern - an wen muss ich mich wenden?

  • Stubigman -

    hello RaVenC i am sure i recognise your name are you from space4k also??

  • 99n99 -

    Hei Danny, time ago you spoke about a server 2 in stiddari, will be open a new server in near future? Byeez ;)

    • Helle187 -

      ach der macht doch kein neuen server auf und wenn er n termin ansagt dann kannst da noch 3 jahre drauf legen :P