Campino Vs Mystermind

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    • Campino Vs Mystermind

      Combat Report: 08.01.2020 12:27:35


      Mercenary 61641 Destroyed: 61557



      Spy 1 Destroyed: 0
      Demolition Expert 270 Destroyed: 238
      Mercenary 92699 Destroyed: 81889

      Campino lost a total of 72,391,032 points.
      MysterMind lost a total of 96,368,342 points.

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    • campino wrote:

      yes... one of those last battles. But why did you post? Multi-Account or friend of you?

      anyway.... thank you all for playing Vendetta or later stiddari. It was a funny time. also thanks to the Game-Operators an co. I wish you all a good time in real life.

      Best regards from Switzerland ✌
      Kind of friend , you know there are no really friends in this game :whistling: :whistling: . He is not registered here so passed me the numbers and asked if I could post it.

      Multi account ?? never done that ?( ?(

      Pleasure to play with/against you guys too , strong you were ( MW ) in this server congratulations! @Lisbon Rules :thumbsup: