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    • Dear Community,

      After more than 13 years I've decided to bring all my games to an end. This will happen on 12.01.2020 at 20 o'clock UTC.
      The forum will remain accessible beyond this date.

      This step is not easy for me and I've been putting this away for quite a while now.
      I'm happy that I could give Dunewar (formerly Desertwar) another 11 years of runtime, after the former game was shutted down in 2008.
      Stiddari (formerly Vendetta) and Universe4k (formerly Space4k) could last another 9 years.

      Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to adequately take care of the game for years. Be it the further development of the game, the maintenance of the source code to keep the server safe and up to date,
      even - and this is much more important - the time to take care of the community and to punish the players who don't want to follow the rules of the game.
      Even with a dedicated team, it won't really be less work for me.

      So, In the coming weeks, I will increase the game speed of all existing servers (apart from the speed of the units) and from January, the salary/fuel costs of the units will also be reduced to 0.
      So it should be possible for everyone to say goodbye to the game appropriately.

      I would like to thank all the team members who have tried to keep the game clean - in their spare time! - over all the years.
      The work as a member of the team unfortunately was't easy over the years, because mostly the banned player was dissatisfied with his ban and it often ended in various allegations against team members.

      In particular I would like to thank you once again:
      He supported me tremendously during the last years and among other things he made sure that the games still existed to this day.
      Without his support, I probably would have shut down the servers earlier and sent the games into the well-deserved retirement.
      Thank you very very much for your untiring commitment!

      He got the ball rolling. Also he managed that the games where translated into many other languages.
      He was also very committed to bring the games forward. Unfortunately, later our ways did not separate in good.

      Finally I would like to thank the community! You were great! Admittedly, not always easy, but that is also part of the game.
      I will miss you all :-/

      Sad greetings