Deadpool POLL 02 - In your point of view what is the main reason for the games Stiddari, Universe4k and Dunewar being so close to be "DEAD"?

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    • Deadpool POLL 02 - In your point of view what is the main reason for the games Stiddari, Universe4k and Dunewar being so close to be "DEAD"?

      In your point of view what is the main reason for the games Stiddari, Universe4k and Dunewar being so close to be "DEAD"? 5
        1. The lack of time, lack of dedication and lack of commitment that lead to the almost inexistent presence of the Game Developer RavenC and inexistent PROMISED updates of the Games since 24/January/2016. (1) 20%
        2. The incompetence, arrogance, laziness and lack of dedication by the Community Manager Stv3N who was never capable of creating a Board & Game Teams to manage the Games and was never capable of take his own projects & suggestions for the Games to an end. (0) 0%
        3. Both of the options 1 and 2 together. (3) 60%
        4. Neither of the previous options apply. The Games are old-style and outdated, so nobody's fault. They are games just for "nostalgic" players and they would die anyway. (1) 20%

      RavenC in 5 minutes:

      [Jun 13th 2015]

      RaVenC wrote:

      My studies are finished now. So I have some more spare time again for the development of my games :)

      The Plan for the next weeks is:
      - finishing Combat System and Unit Rebalancing
      - Alliance rework

      [Jun 17th 2015]

      RaVenC wrote:

      Not completely like in ikariam but some thoughts out of it and some improvements :)

      [Dec 14th 2015]

      RaVenC wrote:

      Dear players,

      as you may noticed, the development of version 0.13.0 is finished and it's ready for the translations.
      I will deploy it as soon as the translations are done.

      The Features are:
      - changes for the vacation mode
      - introduced an Maintenance mode, to be able to set the game into maintenance while updates will be deployed
      - added an research to reduce the movement costs of your units ( maximum level is 50% at the moment )
      - in Player profile the related Alliance will be shown
      - Code Optimizations and improvements ( like changes for php 7 )

      That doesn't sound that much. But for these changes around 50 revisions was needed and I've touched around 2300 files to make this possible.

      Best regards

      [Dec 20th 2015]

      RaVenC wrote:

      Finalizing the combat system is planned for the next game version ... It's a lot work and last a way longer as expected :(
      At the moment I'll experiment a bit with random sort when no modifiers are set.
      But with this its too difficult to estimate your losses :S

      In my test Simulation ( 750 Cougar, 170 LV, 8 LX, 25 Sentih VS 80 LV, 10 LX, 25 Sentih ) the losses for the attacker varied between ~48k points till ~120k points ..

      When we will sort it by ascending defense value, the losses will be higher as with the current "sort by unit index", but its more logical.
      defense ascending

      sort by unit index

      I'll guess I will use the sort by the defense value.

      [Jan 12th 2016]

      RaVenC wrote:

      No there aren't any preferences. Firstly i haven't any time around Christmas and secondly there was a game issue with the new version and the current server where stiddari is hosted. So I had to move u4k first last days. Stiddari will be updated and moved this weekend.

      [Jan 24th 2016]

      RaVenC wrote:

      Dear players,

      Version 0.14.0 was deployed some minutes ago. Because of some changes you may need to drop your browser cache. ( Some silly browser won't do this automatically ;) )

      The changes of this Version:
      - Feature: Attack & Defense Constructions visible in Overview
      - Feature: show end time for missions, constructions and researches ( ToolTip )
      - Feature: show end time for offensive and defensive unit constructions ( ToolTip )
      - Feature: enabled timer / countdown for offensive and defensive unit constructions
      - Feature: added timer to fleet management
      - Feature: added timer and end time ToolTip to base management
      - Feature: Base Constructions and Research: Resource is marked red when not enough in storage; Tooltip for missing amount
      - Feature: colored own position in player, base and title highscore
      - Feature: colored allied players in player highscore
      - Feature: colored ally in ally highscore
      - Feature: colored resource in resourcebar when more than 90% storage capacity
      - Feature: bold and colored resource in resourcebar when more storage is full
      - Code Optimizations ( amongst other things: map should load faster )

      Best regards

      [Jan 31st 2016]

      RaVenC wrote:

      Because my preparations are done for this, I've started with the development of version 0.15.0 ...
      This new version contains the new combat system, an combat highscore and some more feature.

      One of these "more" features I've thought about is, to hide attack and defense index of the defender or the units and the indexes, when the attacker attacks with scouts without killing anything on the opponent side.
      Sadly it becomes more and more common to attack with the scout to find such things out. This unit wasn't intended for doing so.

      The poll will last for around 7 days. It's possible to change your vote within this duration and you have up to 2 votes. Poll participants will be visible.
      When "nothing" have more than 50% of the votes, everything will stay as it is. Else the option with the most votes will be implemented.

      [Apr 26th 2016]

      Sbreg wrote:

      Salve, volevo segnalare un errore o comunque avere informazioni riguardo il comando per amministrare la famiglia, come mai il link per poter amministrare i ruoli dei membri della famiglia non funziona?

      È' possibile mettere un immagine anche nella descrizione della famiglia?

      Il gioco è ancora in fase di sviluppo o il progetto è fermo?

      Grazie per le eventuali risposte
      Cordiali Saluti ;)

      RaVenC wrote:

      yes it's planned for version 0.16.0 .. The upcoming version ( 0.15.0 ) is used / designed for combat related changes ( new combat system for new servers etc )

      [Dec 12th 2016]

      RaVenC wrote:


      I'm really busy at the moment. I've changed my employer some month ago and we will launch a new product end of Januar / mid Februar 2017.
      So my full concentration is there at the moment and meanwhile I won't find some time for this project.

      Yes, it's planned to create a new server, BUT I have to get some stuff for the game ready before.
      Don't expect this things this year, but I'll hope that I can do this in the first quarter of the next year.

      Best regards

      [Jun 25th 2017]

      RaVenC wrote:

      "Points don't fight" ;)
      The goal behind this idea is to increase the activity of all players to start attacking others and to make wars more attractive for alliances.

      THIS FEATURE is planned for the 2nd Server only, when the community accept this feature!
      We can do another poll later for server 1.

      End of this Poll: Thursday 16:00 UTC

      .: edit :.
      Altered the poll for the option with some kind of indicator to find out quickly if your opponent still have units.
      (Something like a unit counter)

      [Jul 30th 2017]

      RaVenC wrote:

      Because there will be some trouble with the new combat system to check how much troops are needed against other players, I'd like to introduce the possibility to espionage the researches of a player.
      For this I'd like to set 95%+ espionage chance. So when you have an espionage chance of 95% or more and you will receive a espionage report (there's still a 5% chance of failing) you also see the researches of the player.

      These researches can be used later in the combat simulator: (or later in the ingame combat simulator)

      (The poll will end on Friday - 8th August - 14:00 CEST; You're able to edit your vote)

      [Nov 21st 2017]

      DonSacha wrote:

      it would be great to reduce the room time. I think that is exaggeratingly slow. I hope this can happen in the new stiddari server (New York)

      RaVenC wrote:

      Oor you just try to build a good Boss Office? :D

      DonSacha wrote:

      it's not a matter of boss office :(
      it would be better to speed up the rooms. Regarding training and troops, there are no problems.

      Stv3N in 5 minutes: click here.

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