Deadpool POLL 01 - Do you think our Community Manager has been doing a good job?

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    • Deadpool POLL 01 - Do you think our Community Manager has been doing a good job?

      Do you think that our Community Manager has been doing a good job? 4
        1. Yes. He has been doing a great job. (2) 50%
        2. Kind of. He has been doing an acceptable job. (0) 0%
        3. No. Not at all. He totally failed to achieve any goals that come with the role of Community Manager and failed to fulfill his responsibilities and duties. (2) 50%

      Stv3N in 5 minutes:

      Stv3N wrote:

      Clearly this project is on standbye, inicially for personal reason and now work, so i lack time...

      Still ideas can keep coming and with the new server its good to pause this...
      But eventually it will go live.

      Stv3N wrote:

      You guys have been busy, im sorry yo say i didnt read all...

      I like the idea of not knowing how many troops your enemy really has, maybe a good idea to avoid mass suicide is an indicator that you are attacking a much bigger player, you attack at your own risk...this would avoid point farming or atleast make It harder.... This could be done with the troop points but hidden to use only for the warning.

      I also think noob protection should be improved maybe some other factores into the fórmula....

      And i will continúe to request the event system especially now :)

      Lets see how the server goes, should be fun.

      Stv3N wrote:

      Jhonny Deep wrote:

      tengo mas de 4 cuentas para denunciar pero no pasa nada ,
      Si tienes sospechas, denuncialo a un GO y utiliza los métodos adecuados, este no es el lugar adecuado.

      Irys wrote:

      The GO's dont care about the Game... there're so much multiacc. aktiv...everyone can do what he want... it's so disgusting
      The GOs have personal life that comes before this Game, we do It in our free time.
      There is a process for someone to get banned by multi, so i dout any player has had an advantaje because of a multi.

      kingvesjon wrote:

      yep.. like 3 days is a complete joke.. they have such an advantage compared to the rest of us.
      We are studying a modification.. This is allready being looked into.

      This said, dont make It a habit for complaints, this is not the place for them, id recomend reading the rules to refresh them.

      Stv3N wrote:

      Ok, Looks like I will have to go over this subject ONCE again.

      Firstly Account to be confirmed ONE DAY ago, since you all know account transfer has a 48h delay....

      Secondly, we have real life stuff and for many of you this game is the main objective in your life, well not for us.

      Iv allways said, there is a WhatsApp Group in the case something needs to be done ASAP depending how you ask for things and depending how "important" the problem is we solve it quickly.

      Or what happened the last time the server was giving problems? It took us about 2-4hrs to fix the problem.

      Lastly, every time we look for new team members no one is interested in giving up there free time because we are busy... It says alot about those demanding attention.

      Thread Closed, if you have a complaint you can do on me with your application ;)

      Stv3N wrote:

      Dear Community,

      This situation is starting to be annoying.
      There is not one ban, that the player doesn't PM me saying he didn't know and if he can be unbanned.

      The Rules are there to be followed, just because you do not read them after I've told the community to do it multiple times, this does not excuse anyone from following them. In the case of Stiddari, the games are in all the languages of the Game, so there is NO excuse.

      Bans will NOT be removed just because you want a second chance. Follow the rules and you will not be banned.

      Use this opportunity to read the Game Rules.

      Best Regards

      Stv3N wrote:

      ;( ;( ;(

      Now you made me cry... Since I find it hard to read I couldn't get to the constructive criticism too much gibberish in between.
      At least you sold your self well, maybe I'll think about retirement and giving it to you

      Anyway... Unfortunately when everyone registered to play the game they agree the rules, too late now to say you didn't understand them.. especially when those players warned are very old in the community.

      As I said, any complaints about the way the board is run, you can do them to the correct person, not going to get anything from me.

      Stv3N wrote:

      I have talked to RaVeNC today, unfortunately it was not for something good; He shared with me his disappointment with the community because of the repetive misconduct (Cheating, Insults, etc).

      This clearly is not a good sign for the community because currently his moral is low towards all Games & Servers.

      In the last month's ever time he has been online it's been because he has had to investigate problems with players, this means that instead of investing his free time to improve the Development of the game he must handle banned players.

      Clearly this shows the negative impact that players that cheat have towards the game, also including that continually report Bot users, Multi IP, etc. Without solid proof.

      All this said, there is going to be some big changes in game rules and how we handle those that do not follow the rules.

      Stv3N wrote:

      I was going to stop being politically correct and give you all a spanking but why waste my time.

      Its useless to invest more of my time with cheaters that don't listen and continue flame simply to get attention.


      Stv3N wrote:

      I think I've had enough of you all STOP acting like children, you cheat and get caught then take your punnishment like adults, if you don't like it quit and do us all a favor.

      Iv given multiple warnings and you continue this behaviour, it looks like you simple are looking for us to permanently ban you all.

      Grow up and stop acting like children, you are boring us all.

      Stv3N wrote:

      Dear Community,

      I enjoyed very much my time away from this board and I'm currently back.

      Although I've decided I will not be dedicating so much time to the game anymore.

      So please have patience.

      Best Regards

      Stv3N wrote:

      I do not think anyone really understands that we actually give alot of thinking towards what we do, it's not so simple to find the right solution for each problem.

      Increasing ban times would simply end with half the server banned, since those that cheat will continue since they don't know any other way to play. I can understand that those that have never cheated dislike the idea (Although those are who are going to benefit more from this change), but I find it funny that those that have been cheating now decide to leave since now the advantage they had over others will disappear, this was the intention.

      Right now I find it useless to find a new solution, I doubt very much RaVeNC will change his opinion since he truly thought this would eliminate the problem and you can already see it is working, but it's also making others leave and we new there was a possibility.

      Around September we will try a new start, hopefully a big one including features, rules, etc. But, even though RaVeNC has not expressed this to me, I'm sure it will be our last effort to bring this game back to life.

      I will stick around until next week, to see what happens, then I will be a long time gone.

      Ps. If you really would like Ravenc to reply I recommend you change your method of writing since he doesn't read long texts, use bullet points for the important details and explain with few words.

      Stv3N wrote:

      I know you don't like screen shots but, it takes to long to format a post correctly.

      Conduct Violations draft

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    • Stv3N wrote:

      We will warn when we wish, we do not live 24h looking at this board, and many times we even debate the actions to take.

      Lastly, IV allways said the same, if you all show respect we will do the same, but if everyone decides to do what they want we will start to moderate as the rules state, no buts...

      Thread Closed, the HoF does not follow the HoF rules and the purpose of this post is only to provoke.

      Stv3N wrote:

      Well at least here you found the correct place to comment, at least your warnings helped you in that.

      Congrats :thumbsup:

      Now to the subject, a moderator can comment where he/she wants, and take the decision he/she sees fit.

      Just because people like you we have rules and mods, keep the good work up and I won't get bored.

      Keep provoking me, warnings accumulate my friend ;)

      Stv3N wrote:

      In conclusion:

      What are the rule change you are asking for?

      All this argument because you don't want the rules applied but then again your asking me to apply them immediately but then again I'm must consider the size of the community....

      Now you will understand why you will not get a nice reply from me, you can point all your fingers and I will not lose my time getting into your games, I can't write English, I've got a big ego, etc, etc

      Anything else to add before I close this post?

      Ps. Iv been doing this for too long to care about these type of comments.

      Stv3N wrote:

      Maybe it's time everyone started to understand this is a game maintained only so that others can enjoy it.

      Maybe if the team doesn't have to spend so much time finding cheaters, that time could be spent improving the rules or Ravenc programming to add new features instead of improving the script to find bots, pushing, etc.

      Maybe if we could all act like a respectful community then maybe the game would have a future, we are not going to sit here and take insults.

      Suddenly because a rule change most are deciding to quit the game but then still no one lacks to understand the reason why.

      Why have these decisions been taken? Maybe we should remember the threads about the subject, where everyone's opinion was asked and not even 10% of the community participated.
      This is a last resort.

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