LittleDreamer has left the building

    • LittleDreamer has left the building

      Hello everyone left in the game.

      I started to play S4k back in 2006 if my memory has woken up this morning. Quite fast the game and specially the community sucked me in for real. Same thing happened later with FB's Mafia Wars, sadly it ended too; I even made some money with that game haha. But back in the subject... I've been on this one team my whole career, never been very loud player, more like "loyal guardian". Made some friends with whom I chatted online outside the game too, some I remember rest of my life, some is already forgotten.

      Back in the S4k days the game was full of active players, we had serious wars when you knew for 100% sure if you didn't FS because you we're too drunk at night passing out -> you we're destroyed in the morning you woke up. The game was so serious back then that I had notifications on the phone almost every day when my fleet was insecured so I didn't forget. Alarms in the middle of the deepest night just to send an attack and another alarm 10min before the landing to probe... That was mad, but like most of the others I didn't have any obligations to the real life outside the game. I drank beer and sat on my computer all the time I was awake (sometimes may have passed out on the chair too...)

      Some guys from the ally sent me an e-mail that there is a new clone U4k and if I was interested to play. I wasn't. But decided to try if the game was the same. Slowly I got hooked up again, even there wasn't that much players active anymore. But this 2nd time in this S4k/U4k madness hasn't in any way been the same. Mostly quite boring due to lack of active players.

      But my life changed totally 1,5 years ago. My wife-to-be told me her period is late and pregnancy test was positive. Now we have this 9 months old baby boy, soon to be a toddler to spend our time with. He was born in the end of November 2017 and in the day he was 6 months old, I started a full time job that keeps me busy from 8am to 15:30, no possibility to play games during the time. So this summer was only a fleetsaving after fleetsaving, decisions to take the fights I did etc. Time. Didn't have time. Our next baby is on board and is due in february 2019. Guess if I have more time in use then... So I decided to quit already couple of months ago.. But now I thought to say my farewells..

      Now I must end this text because I have to go to work...

      Goodbye for everyone I know, everyone who knew me, everyone who hated me, everyone who liked me. It was fun while it lasted but it's over now. Now I have a life to live. Love and happiness for y'all.

      With <3 ,


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