Declaration of War

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  • Declaration of War

    For few days i talked with some players in the ingame chat about the good old vendetta times.
    What i didnt find here is the declaration of war. I can remember that Alliance have to make the War against eacht other official in the board with capitulation conditions. (of course you need a rule for the conditions)
    This would be so awesome and it bring back the old vendetta feeling with discussions about the war in this board.

    ...this was just an idea... :)

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  • DemoN wrote:


    §1 Validity of the Declaration of War

    Declarations of War are only valid if:

    1. They will be directed from an Alliance to another Alliance (a War declared to a single player is not considered as valid).

    2. It was declared ingame (in the menu item "Alliance " -> " Alliance Diplomacy" -> "War" to the Enemy Alliance.

    3. The War must be declared by the Capo or SubCapo of one of the two Alliances involved in the Official Board of the Game. To be considered as an Official Declaration of War every War must have two threads: one with the prefix [War Declaration]: (which states the War and where you can talk about the War), and the other with the prefix [War Battle Reports]: (where it just will post the attacks made by both Alliances). Both threads should have the same name, differing only in the prefix. Also the name and tag of the Alliance involved must be written correctly and following the example: [BOPE] Comando Vermelho vs [MARA] Chacales.

    4. In the thread with the prefix [War Declaration] it is mandatory to present the initial points and the rank on the classification of each Alliance involved, and also the nicknames of the members that are integrating that Alliances at the moment that the War is declared.

    5. Alliances who officially support one side of the War, they should do so in the original topic (with the prefix [War Declaration]), asking the author of the topic or the Moderator to change the title. And once more this official support must be declared by the Capo or SubCapo of the Alliance that wants to enter in the War supporting one of the parts envolved.

    6. Spam will not be tolerated in any of the topics, and the thread of [War Battle Reports]: only attacks may be posted (by the rules).

    7. The Surrender and/or declaration of the End of the War can only be made by the Capo or SubCapo of one of the Alliances and be accepted by the Capo or SubCapo of one of the Alliances involved.

    §2 Legitimacy of a Declaration of War

    1. An acceptance of the War by the opponents to whom was declared War is not necessary.

    2. A declaration of War is only permitted between Alliances. To be considered as an Alliance it must have at least 2 members. Alliances with just one member are not eligible for Wars, but they are seen as one single player.

    §3 Bashing Rule during a War

    24 hours after setting the declaration of War, the Bashing Rule is not valid during the period of duration of the War for the involved parties . (Meaning that during the period of War the attacks between members of the Alliances involved on the War doesn't need to respect the Bashing Rule).

    If another Alliance wants to join to the War by supporting one of the parts involved, but does it after the original first post of declaration of War being opened, is not eligible for being exempted of respecting the Bashing Rule during the War.

    §4 Pushing Rule during the War

    The Pushing Rule stills to be applied normally even for the Alliance and the players involved on a Official War. So, the situation of War doesn't create any exception or exemption of respecting the Pushing Rule.

    §5 End of the War

    The War ends when one of the parts involved in the War declares itself as defeated (by posting it on the thread [War Declaration]) by its Capo or SubCapo and the Alliance enemy declares that accepts the surrender (by its Capo or SubCapo).

    - An Alliance can just present their official surrender after 24 hours after the Declaration of War is presented PLUS 48 hours of War duration with the Bashing Rule Exemption.

    - Given the case that more than 50% of the elements of one of the Alliances that are directly involved in a War decided to activate the "vacation mode", the official period of 24h+48h referred above that allows one of the Alliances to present its surrender will be postponed and starts counting just after at least 50% of the elements of that Alliance are not in the "vacation mode".

    - If the War gets silent for more than 7 days , meaning, if not relevant Battle Reports are appearing, then this War is considered as ended and the Bashing Rule Exemption is automatically annulled.

    - Given the case that one of the Alliances dissolves itself during the War, this same Alliance is considered automatically as the looser and the War is considered automatically as finished. The same applies when one of the Alliances change it's Name or Tag during a War.

    §6 Combat reports

    The following rules need to be minded in regards to combat reports during a War:
    - Only the combat reports posted in the official thread of War are taking into account as official.
    - The combat reports may only be posted by players that are participating in the War.
    - It is advised that the Combat Reports are formatted using one of the "Combat Packers" (we still don't have a decent combat packer, so this rule can be ignored from now)
    - The names of the attacker and the defender need to be visible.

    §7 War Break

    1. One Alliance which was caught in a declaration of War, another War may be again declared to this Alliance, only after one week after the end of the previous one.

    2. The alliance itself may , however, declare War again within this period (of break). However if this situations is verified, this alliance loses its right to the War break (of one week).

    The Administration,
    They exist, in Game Rules thread, just below that post.
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    Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
    "Give your hand and they will take your arm."
  • sry my bad...i didnt saw it but it seems so that nobody cares about this rule. I cant find the definition of "War". This rule is useless when they attack each other without a declaration. the only usefull is that the bashing rule dont count. Is this the only sense from this rule? oO

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  • Its just a basic rule to "somehow" define a war and not be so chaotic...

    Eventually there will be an internal (in-game) system that will do this automatically, calculate points, etc.

    The problem is s1 was endless wars with little attacks, I Imagen the community have realised it's easier to attack other Allie's without a War Declaration.
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    Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
    "Give your hand and they will take your arm."
  • Yeah, thats true. But a definition can bes so easy...just for example... "War = least two player from the same alliance attack two layer from another alliance where both in. Its not allowed to attack more that player in alliance without a war declaration." Then they have to make a official war declaration... how i said... just an example. :D