Resource Trade | Rules

  • Resource Trade | Rules

    Resource Trade | Rules

    You may read Universe4k Game Rules, you will find information on resource trade under §3 Pushing section.

    The following rules, should be taken into consideration:

    The official resources trade rate is: 10:5:1 - 10 iron to 5 lutinum to 1 hydrogen
    It is prohibited to trade with Water.

    If a player decides to use other resources trade rate he assumes the responsibility of taking the risk of that option be evaluated by a Game Administrator or Game Operator and be considered Pushing.

    In a case of resources trades it is allowed to proceed to the return service of the negotiated resources until 48 hours after the beginning of the trade. Meaning that if the player 1 sends resources to the player 2, the player 2 has to send back resources in return to the player 1 in the period of 48 hours after the beginning of the transportation of the resources from the player 1 to the player 2.

    A Game Operator should always be informed and give permission sought for movement of resources from a lower ranked player to a higher ranked player without an immediate return service.

    Take into consideration, that while trading resources you not break the pushing rules:

    Definition / Prohibition:

    Pushing means to send resources to another account without evidence of an immediate return of resources. This is only allowed when the account being "pushed" has a lesser total game score than the account sending the resources. Pushing does not only cover the simple sending of resources, but it has a few EXAMPLES that are also considered:

    - intentional accumulation of resources in one (or more) building(s) for later retrieval by another account using (multiple) attacks;
    - additional means and possibilities where one account gets resources without sending back some.
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    Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
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