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    §1 General Conduct

    Communication is one of the most important matters in browser games. So please attempt to the following rules:

    - Users are expected to treat other users with respect and courtesy.
    - Using insults or insulting any player is forbidden and can result in a ban and in this cases there are no possibility of reconsideration, so private messages and all types of discussions regarding this bans won't be allowed or taken into account . (It should be taken into account that what may not be considered an insult in your country, it can be seen as an insult in another country, so it makes part of the functions of the Team of the Game and Board to evaluate the situation and give a punishment according to the Rules if that's the case.)
    - Any reference name to the life outside of the game, with the intent of blackmailing, threatening, extorting methods, etc are strictly prohibited (note that such behaviour can also lead to criminal consequences).
    - It is forbidden the naming (in terms of usernames, building names, alliances and buildings images, etc.) and descriptions, which may have implicit or explicit contents like: political radicalisms; pornographic and erotic contents which contain full or partial nudity; offensive material and/or contents potentially shocking for sensitive people; Xenophobic/Racist contents.
    - Intentional Spam using the message system of the game it is forbidden and may lead to punishments according to the established procedures to this cases.

    §2 Accounts

    I Account-Sharing:

    Account-Sharing is playing in an account that is being used for more than one player. Every account is entitled to be managed and played by one single player. A single account shared by multiple players is absolutely forbidden.
    Account-sharing is not allowed. The account must be played by one individual only.
    A violation of this rule will be punished according to the multi-accounting regulations.

    II Multi-accounting:

    Every player is entitled to a single account at a time per Universe4k server. Multiple accounts belonging to the same individual will be blocked. Accounts for the sole purpose of pushing another account - no matter if active (e.g. shipping of resources) or passive (e.g. raid a target that accumulates resources intentionally for thus purpose) also fall under this regulation. Special care should be taken to ensure no more common account settings (other than an IP address) are being used. An identical IP alone is not a common reason to be blocked. Sending resources to a player having the same IP is forbidden as well as attacking a player having the same IP as the attacker. In the case of two or more users are playing by using the same network IP address it is advised that they report this situation either by using the Options/Settings menu and choosing the option "report IP-Sharing", fulfilling the form given in the Game Account and also by reporting the situation via PM to the responsible Team Members.

    III Account exchange:

    Any given account is deemed to belong to the person to whom the fixed email-adress is registered. If users exchange accounts without the assistance of a Game Administrator or Game Operator, no complaints or requests will be processed unless these are originated from the fixed email addresses with in the given accounts. Also there will be no backups or account rescues when the account exchange takes place without the support of one of the Team Members mentioned before. Game Operators can not only exchange two accounts easily, they can ensure security from fraud.

    IV Account-Sitting

    Account-Sitting is when a player officially takes care of another account during a limited period of time. The minimum period is 24 hours (1 day) and the maximum period is two weeks (14 days).
    - To make official an Account Sitting you should go the Options/Settings menu in the Game Account and fulfil the form writing in the "Reason" Section: "Account Sitting".
    - During the Sitting period, it is not allowed to use the "sitted" account to make Attacks, transport Resources to other accounts, receive resources from other accounts.
    - It is just allowed to use the resources produced by the "sitted" account and also transport resources between the buildings integrating the "sitted" account.
    - After a period of "sitting" an account, that same account just can be "sitted" again after 2 weeks (14 days). In the case that the original owner of the account, by some reason,can't get back to the game and "assume the command" of his account that was being "sitted" by other player (after the 14 days permitted), the player that is "sitting" the
    account is allowed to activate the "vacation mode" in the "sitted" account.

    Please always remember after the "sitting situation" it is advised to change the password!

    §3 Pushing

    Definition / Prohibition:

    Pushing means to send resources to another account without evidence of an immediate return of resources. This is only allowed when the account being "pushed" has a lesser total game score than the account sending the resources. Pushing does not only cover the simple sending of resources, but it has a few EXAMPLES that are also considered:

    - intentional accumulation of resources in one (or more) building(s) for later retrieval by another account using (multiple) attacks;
    - additional means and possibilities where one account gets resources without sending back some.

    In-game extortion of resources is not permitted where it violates the pushing rule. Any players attempting to extort resources from other players may be banned. Loaning of resources is not permitted.

    The official resources trade rate is: 10:5:1 - 10 iron to 5 lutinum to 1 hydrogen
    It is prohibited to trade with Water.

    If a player decides to use other resources trade rate he assumes the responsibility of taking the risk of that option be evaluated by a Game Administrator or Game Operator and be considered Pushing.

    In a case of resources trades it is allowed to proceed to the return service of the negotiated resources until 48 hours after the beginning of the trade. Meaning that if the player 1 sends resources to the player 2, the player 2 has to send back resources in return to the player 1 in the period of 48 hours after the beginning of the transportation of the resources from the player 1 to the player 2.

    A Game Operator should always be informed and give permission sought for movement of resources from a lower ranked player to a higher ranked player without an immediate return service.

    §4 Bashing

    Definition / Prohibition:

    It is considered bashing more than 5 attacks within 24 hours to the same building; "espionage" is exempt and doesn't count as an attack no matter the amount of units. To be considered as "espionage" it should be made by using the attack troop called "Espionage Probe". Attempting to "spy" using the attack unit "Combat Probe" is considered as a regular attack, and is NOT exempt.


    The parties concerned are at war and the 24 hour period after declaration of the war has expired. (For further information see the War Rules).

    §5 Extortion

    Extortions and threats that relate to a player's "real life" (physical, as compared to "virtual life" on the net) can cause limited or unlimited blockage of the respective account from which the threats or extortions were sent from. Such blockage could also cover access to any and all Universe4k services.

    §6 Interference with game technology

    Installations and methods that cause excessive internet traffic to the server or can be used to impair normal gameplay should be omitted. In particular, automatic or semi-automatic scripts capable of interacting with the game database or issuing game commands, are prohibited and usage or installation of such result in an immediate and permanent ban from the entire game. We reserve the right to claim damage in the amount of the caused damage plus coverage for administrative expenses.

    §7 Bug-using

    Exploiting errors, misbehaviors or bugs in the programming of Universe4k and usage of such to one's own advantage - so called bug-using - is not allowed. Every player is required to report found bugs immediately. Exploiting bugs to gain advantage in the game-play may be blocked from 1 day to indefinite time depending on the severity of the exploitation of a bug. The same applies to a player refusing to report a found bug.

    §8 Withdrawal of punishments.

    Actions done by a Game Operator responsible for a given Universe4k servercan only be reversed by another Game Operator if the Game Administrator having done the action(s) agrees.

    §9 Account Transfer

    The passing of accounts is permitted only in consultation and permission of the Game Administrator.
    (Note: also refer to the rule "§2 Accounts (III)")

    §10 Account Sale

    The account contained in your possession remains the property of Rooks and Games™.
    It may not be sold by you neither auctioned nor otherwise disposed of.
    If your account present some damage despite the utmost care by a programming error, Rooks and Games™ is not obliged to pay any kind of compensation.

    §11 Refund

    I Errors:

    If a player faces disadvantages caused by programming errors or other misbehaviours or errors by the Universe4k Team, he is not entitled to anyrefunding or resurrection of the accounts state before the occurrence of the disadvantage. If and in which form an exception to this regulation is made, is a matter of decision by the Game Administrator who is informed by the responsible Game Operator.

    II Staff decisions:

    If a player try to circumvent a decision or its implications issued by a Game Operator by contacting another Game Operator about the same matter, the player will immediately be excluded from further game play. (Exception: Intervention by contacting the Super Game Operator or the Game Administrator.)

    §12 Consequences of rule violations

    Violations of the Terms and Conditions and/or established Rules, will be punished as follows: Game | Ban Catalog

    §13 Exclusion from the game

    Any breach of these rules can lead to blocking accounts and exclusion from the game. Depending on the severity of the offending action(s) the punishment may be extended to all Universe4k servers, and further services provided by Rooks and Games™ (other games of R&G™, official boards, etc.), and to any/all other websites under the control of Rooks and Games™. Members of the Universe4k Team agree to fully present the offending action according to the best of their knowledge and their beliefs.

    §14 General Operating Conditions

    Players who can't agree to the general operating conditions of Universe4k™ due to their nationality, age or other reasons, are presented with the standard operating conditions using the internal interpretations of the rules as an addition. This way no legal binding of the player to the general operating conditions is established, however an equal position for all players is attained regarding the judgement of issues.

    §15 Changes

    Every time you login our Terms and Conditions and Rules are recognized and accepted by you in their current version. The Game Management reserves the right to change at any time the Game Rules. The valid version can be found in the Official Board of the Game Universe4k™.

    §16 Entry into Force

    The rules come into force with immediate effect .

    The Administration,
    Skype: Stv228

    Allways remember, follow the rules, respect others and most important have FUN! :thumbsup:
    "Give your hand and they will take your arm."