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      Informe de Batalla: 2018-06-20 15:39:25

      Mercenario 2434 Destruido: 0
      Scout 5567 Destruido: 0


      granjita 1

      Matón 1287 Destruido: 1287
      Acuchillador 4595 Destruido: 4595
      Tropa de Ocupación 2 Destruido: 2
      Espia 176 Destruido: 176
      Porteador 11594 Destruido: 11594
      Transportista 2844 Destruido: 2844
      Mercenario 31 Destruido: 31
      Scout 178878 Destruido: 178878
      Recursos Robados: 3.266.870 Armas, 1.157.146 Munición, 0 Alcohol, 1.177.549 Dólares
      POINTS LOST perrito lost a total of 0 points.
      granjita 1 lost a total of 2,638,392 points.
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      You know what to do with big fat butt... Wiggles wiggles... :thumbup: by evil

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      the battle that did not take place

      very afraid, run run run

      Edit by Matacapullos: images removed because have coordinates. You can edit and upload again hiding the coordinates.

      DemoN wrote:

      24. - It is forbidden to post the coordinates of the buildings of the protagonists involved on the Battles. This rule applies to all the Attacks posted in this Board.

      And incorrect side, this is the server 1 sub-board. Be careful, next time you will be warned.

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      It's so weird, that someone comes to the forum to take courage but first they create a false account so as not to say who they are, hypocrite or not crazy ???

      P.d este hilo es del server 1

      Edit by Matacapullos: this thread is to post attacks or comments about this attacks. If you have something to tell about an account's user PM to a team member.

      DemoN wrote:

      5. - It will not be tolerated SPAM or Offtopic in the sections where it is not allowed according to the rules. It is considered Spam the messages without content that does not bring anything new to the content of the thread. The majority of the messages that only contain smilies or less than 5 words, are typical of spam. The members who make SPAM of any kind, may be warned. The order on the board, the respect for the intention of the authors when they create a thread and for the various sections and subsections is something important for the proper functioning of the board and its flexibility for the users, therefore a negligent attitude regarding these rules may be punished.

      Next off-topic post will be warned.

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