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  • The first thing I want to express is the congratulations of a JUNK YARD DOG, it is a good adversary. It was a beautiful battle, I think the renewal of the TOP and I see badly the perpetuity in it, that's why I decided to attack him, just this reason. I want good reconstruction for JUNK YARD DOG and that the server keeps moving 3 Profesor [S21] 40.527 126.898 2.931.735 3.099.161 33 Vs 1 JUNK YARD DOG [DT] 42.207 232.091 3.859.145 3.849.663 44…26dd87b0515d4d8d071af3d…

  • Irys says goodbye!

    Profesor - - The Tavern


    I hope you can come back when you have time, although we have never been partners I wish you good life and good luck

  • ufffff complimenti

  • Other Attacks - Great Fun

    Profesor - - Other Attacks


    the battle that did not take place very afraid, run run run Edit by Matacapullos: images removed because have coordinates. You can edit and upload again hiding the coordinates. Quote from DemoN: “24. - It is forbidden to post the coordinates of the buildings of the protagonists involved on the Battles. This rule applies to all the Attacks posted in this Board. ” And incorrect side, this is the server 1 sub-board. Be careful, next time you will be warned.