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  • Quote: “If someone's using the Internet Explorer it's his fault! :D” People like that still exist?

  • Nice job Kenny thank you

  • Addio da Murales

    Cesc - - Presentation & Farewells


    Quote: “Alessius, now the battles I can no longer do them. I have already put vacation mode last night. I'm not going to reopen the account” Then give account to some friend from your alliance who wants to play. ? .

  • occupying

    Cesc - - Questions & Help


    U can only occupy buildings that does not belong to other players.

  • Exchange

    Cesc - - Questions & Help


    Quote: “Originally posted by RaVenC I lold. You: ~57 alcohol exchanges; headhunter: 8 But yes, you are right. I should forbidd alcohol trades now. Except of your alcohol missions there are not so much alcohol trades, but it should be forbidden before it will be used to much.” Oooops facepalm.

  • DiToNe:-) vs [POKE]

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    Bunga Bunga

  • Base Administration

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    I think this way the game is way more interesting, it is not only about fast occupying 50,60 or 100 buildings, fastly train to get mercs and then deleting half of buildings and gathering mercs. This way its longer but much more interesting, developing economy, and starting battles with low units first, getting to mercs slowly.